Having a private tutor, for some, is too much of a commitment. This may be due to financial reasons, motivational reasons, or simply availability restrictions.

For a family who have a low income, the average hourly tutor fee of £25 can prove an arduous reality. £100 per month is certainly not a sustainable amount for many. Institutions would of course hope that their staff are enough to get their pupils where they need to be, but this is sometimes easier said than done. Pupil Premium funding has, in recent years, proven vital to student provision in terms of their education. In some cases, these two things have been combined in order to create almost an ‘extra school’ within existing organisations. Students have benefitted, and results in some areas have become far more satisfying.

The support systems within schools has often meant that students are faced with obligatory extra support. This is crucial. Private tutees who learn at home often find that from one week to the next, their commitment levels can vary. Simple things, such as a bit of football practice, a bit of a cold or even tiredness can mean that a weekly session turns into an ineffective twice-monthly struggles. At Combibo Tuition, the aim is to provide a study centre where students go and enjoy learning at a more intense, yet relaxed level.


Equally, in terms of adult learning, there is often an element of awkwardness built into one-to-one sessions. By working with a small, tightly-knit group, we are reintroducing a social side to learning that can sometimes be lacking.