Primary Level Maths Tuition in Manchester

KS2 (Year 6) Maths SATs Tuition

The Standard Assessment Test in mathematics is getting harder. For eleven-year-olds, complex fraction work based around real-life situations and mind-boggling probabilities are just two of the ways in which your children are examined. If they fail this, their start to life in high-school may well be hampered, as these results determine setting and targeting for their 5 years in high-school, starting at Year 7. Most parents we speak to are fully aware that the tests are getting harder, but they don’t have the means to support their children through it. One mum told us she “felt stupid” when her daughter brought home her numeracy homework from school- she had no idea how to help her and simply had to hope for the best.

An ability in maths is an understanding of how systems function, how to get by in everyday situations, and most importantly, the key to some truly fantastic careers. Architects, accountants and engineers are just some of the people who can, after some years, earn in excess of £50,000 per year for the work they do.

Having the building blocks in place with skills involving mathematics from an early age is really key to success, and it is important that the value of SATs is not underestimated. It’s true: you won’t need to fill in a number sequence to buy a car, but you may well benefit from working out the most valuable discount percentage. Maths is all around us, from measuring windows, to using ratio to help cook a Sunday lunch for 10 instead of 4. Knowing how to use numbers is a life skill and can ease you through life, putting money in your back pocket along the way (which you will be able to count and maximise your interest rates!).