Primary Level English Tuition in Manchester

KS2 (Year 6) English SATs Tuition

Achieving in a SATs English exam is vital to the development of a child going into secondary school. Most schools nowadays allocate their year 7 students a reading age on arrival to their new place of learning, and this can either do wonders for a child, or make them overly self-aware or even tarnish motivation. Having the ability to read and write is, of course, a must-have in today’s world.

It is increasingly difficult due to new technology: iPads, kindles and smartphones are just some of the devices that have made our children careless in their academic progress. Some children can swipe an iPhone 6 before they are one year old, and for those of us who HAVE lived without technology, it’s very tiresome to think of ways to change these habits without being a ‘boring’ parent.

In a multi-cultural environment, children will start from a very young age to ‘code mix’, which can involve two languages rolling into their own unique way of speaking. Speech patterns, spelling and contextual ideas are affected, and this (when left untreated) can turn into negative experiences academically. As a result, children will become confused at how what they have written is incorrect and then demotivated to make improvement. Without the encouragement, young children will not know how to break the cycle of poor English. This is where private tuition and/or guidance can play a huge role. Having one to one support with an honest, professional and patient Session Leader even just once a week can transform a young person’s understanding of English and propel them into their secondary school life.