GCSE English Tuition in Manchester

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Unlike any other subject, English requires a degree of artistry combined with knowledge and lots of reading. An ability to ‘think outside the box’ whilst reading poetry is a long way from many students’ interest threshold. Many GCSE students say things like “he just wrote it ‘coz he liked it”, and this is what comes naturally. However, GCSE boards want more and more academic and intellectual flair, and basic thoughts just don’t cut it any more.

Within a classroom of up to 29 other students, it’s so easy for children to drift off half way through Macbeth, I’ve seen it time and time again. Texts such as Shakespeare’s plays require a level of concentration and involvement unlike to others. This is one of the most popular texts that private tutees request to work on for exactly that reason. Many even go as far to say they “hate” Shakespeare, which for an English specialist, hurts! By working through everything in thorough detail, we are eventually able to see light at the end of the tunnel. In terms of skills, the English GCSE has many crossovers. Analysing text, for example, appears in every element of the grade, so this is a constant skill which is worked on.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar has more and more emphasis every year. This is constantly scrutinised (even from SATs level), and this is another element of English which is constantly assessed. Some students require a revisit back to the very beginning of reading and spelling life, but this is fine- private help allows for this where school often cannot.

All these skills are combined for the ultimate pass grade at GCSE. In old money, this was a ‘C’ grade, but it’s all change, and as of August 2017, students will be receiving their GCSE results in numerical fashion. Employers and further education establishments will want a grade 4 pass, which will potentially change to grade 5 the following year. This is daunting. Many parents are struggling with the conversion, but at Combibo, we can help smooth this over with detailed and valuable advice.