Will my child receive homework?

This depends on what you require. Some students will need to do extra practice, whilst others may not benefit. For some people, having the pressure of extra homework can seem off-putting, but we would always encourage independent study wherever possible. For those who do have extra work to complete, we provide a weekly hour-long slot for students wishing to use the space for independent study for free. This, however, is on a first come-first served basis!

How will I pay for the sessions?

We offer a variety of ways to pay for your sessions. These include annual payments and
four-weekly payments. Most of our current students pay using the four-weekly method, as
this tends to be the most efficient way of operating. We ask that you set up a standing order
with your bank- we do not deal with any third parties nor do we ask for your bank account

By opting for the 4-weekly payment, sessions work out at as little as £10 per session, and
with the 50% sibling discount which we have in place until January 2016, this halves to £5
per session!

Students may also pay per session, but this is more expensive (up to £20 per hour).
It is often easier to discuss your payment plan individually, as it can get complicated when
faced with a list of numbers! Get in touch and we can arrange a meeting and work out what
is best for you.

How will I know my child is making progress?

We will keep a weekly record of what your child is working on and where they have made improvement. This will be shared with you on request. This is a process in which we also involve the student, as a way of moving forward with the skills being studied. If the student has any concerns or worries regarding their studies, these too will be written down by the Session Leader. In agreed circumstances, we will also liaise with schools in order to monitor progress.

Will my child be safe?

Yes. At our premises, we have 24 hour CCTV and one-way access doors. We will ensure that students remain in the building for the duration of the lesson. Should a student choose to leave early, we would request your permission for them to do so. All of our Session Leaders and staff have an enhanced DBS check carried out before they begin working with us and are regularly updated. Despite many of our staff being First Aid trained, we would ask that you make us aware of any medical issues your child has in advance.

How often will the sessions take place?

We advise once a week, as this is the most effective in terms of work/life balance. However, we will have more than one session per week available should you wish to sign up for more. We will advise you of availability at the time of enquiry, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Will we need to buy any resources?

No. We will provide anything our students need (within reason!), and we have our very own bespoke bank of resources. We are able to print resources at the request of our students, and have a variety of textbooks. It would be useful if when filling out your joining form, you could indicate what your child is studying so we can ensure the resources are there, ready for their first session. If students wish to borrow resources, they may use our booking system dependent on availability. We also have WiFi which student can access, but only on laptops and/or tablets! We discourage the use of phones whilst studying to avoid unnecessary distraction…WhatsApp can wait!

How are the small study groups formed?

When we meet for the first time, it will be on a one to one basis, and we will use this time to discuss strengths, weaknesses, availability and so on. Once this has been discussed, we will look at which session is best suited to your child. All of our sessions are subject and age focussed. For example, we will have Year Six Maths on one evening, and Year Ten / Eleven English on a separate evening. Please see our session timetable to check this. We will always try to be as accommodating as possible.

Does Combibo Tuition open during school holidays?

This one is difficult. Where possible, we remain open. Due to the variation between different schools, it is hard to say yes or no! When you sign your child up, we will inform you of our calendar for the year, as this is always decided way in advance. On some days, we will provide booster sessions during half term breaks.