Adult Spanish Classes in Manchester

Spanish Classes for All Abilities

Spanish is quickly becoming the most spoken language in America, which is incredible. Once upon a time, a visit to mainland Spain or its neighbouring islands meant that the odd word here and there was going to suffice, but Spanish has become a huge language all over the world.

There are many advantages to learning a language as an adult. It’s a great way to meet new like-minded people, it keeps your brain active (medical science has even proven it to go towards preventing illnesses such as dementia!), and it sounds great! Spaniards love hearing British people making the effort, and once you’re over the daunting feeling of the first few attempts, it’s an incredible feeling!

What matters is that you can communicate a message. The fact that you may not be able to handle a quick response from the beginning, or that you’re not ‘fluent’ in Spanish is a mere concern. Think about how learners of English speak in English. Words could be missing, verbs might not be right, pronunciation could be wobbly, but we understand and we can respond. This is a great achievement. I would even go as far to say NOBODY speaks perfectly in any language. Accept that you’re going to make mistakes and enjoy the experience!

Our sessions are taught using full Spanish. “It’s for beginners, though!”, I hear you cry. The reason this happens is simple: being thrown in at the deep end can force communication in the target language. Hearing constant phrases for everyday chit-chat can only help you on your course. So, try not to be frustrated and absorb as much as you can. And look forward to week 9: Tapas and wine tasting!