About Combibo Tuition

After many years of being involved in private tuition, I have finally managed to achieve what I set out to: a dedicated centre where studying can be enjoyed! As well as this, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside my wonderful fiancé who has been an invaluable cornerstone of setting up Combibo Tuition. I believed, and I achieved, and so our slogan was born.

We decided to make this about people, and not about cost. We understand through experience that private tutors and tuition is generally very expensive, and for many, unaffordable. We want to build trusting, healthy relationships with our customers and their families and offer an affordable solution to what is increasingly a complicated and occasionally frustrating world of education.

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Our Offering to You.

We are initially offering support in English and maths for students at primary and secondary level. With the brand new numerical grading system being introduced this year, we are aware that for many parents and their children, the complex matrix of targets and requirements can be bewildering, and so we aim to break this down and assist in any way we possibly can. Our Hyde centre caters for up to five students per hour. The students in any one session will receive support, encouragement and a chance to put their skills into practice in a positive and engaging way. All students will be working on similar skills in order that they can share ideas and even encourage each other.

Something for Everyone!

We also offer a more social Spanish conversation course for adults. These courses are always popular, and a perfect way to end a tough week!

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