Welcome to Combibo Tuition!

Combibo Tuition is an affordable, high-quality study space in Hyde. We lead sessions in mathematics and English at SAT/GCSE standard. We provide a great service at a great price: from just £15 per weekly session, with an option to book in for a second study hour at no extra cost (first come, first served basis!).

We don’t ask you to sign your life away, and we want you to ENJOY being with us whilst receiving invaluable help and advice on how to reach those top marks! Get booking now and join us!

We tailor learning to your needs.

We aim to inspire success.

We believe in achievement.


Latest news


Whilst reading a bedtime story to our wonderful godson the other day, I was thinking: ‘where’s the fun in reading in your head?’. A BBC news item recently (shared on our Facebook page) showed Mark Rylance reading the BFG to

Studying as an Adult

On hearing the word ‘student’, many don’t think about those of a more experienced age. We have to remember: there are people in their 80s who still study, but why?   An article published by the Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2147643/Bertie- Gladwin-Britains-

The New GCSE System

This year, we are entering into unchartered territory. The new 9-1 grading system will replace our A*-G and look more similar to the systems of our neighbouring Europeans. This, naturally, doesn’t come without its problems. Lots of schools have spent

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